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Our goats graze freely all year round

We welcome you to our new website. We kept it simple and practical, just like Milk Relief Soap™. Many people worldwide suffer from various skin conditions including eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne and very dry or sensitive skin, and it is our prayer that more and more stores around the world will find Milk Relief Soap™ and will be able to stock it for their customers.

Here in Canterbury, New Zealand, we’ve just had an unusually hot summer, but we think the swim we had at a nearby river a couple days ago was probably our last dip in water until next summer. Autumn is here to stay now, and the days are already getting colder.

Victoria, one of our doe kids, was already showing signs of being in heat yesterday, although we won’t be breeding any of this season’s kids until next autumn. We think it’s a lot kinder on young goats to let them grow till around 18 months before we breed them.

Eleanor, our yearling, is a maiden milker. A maiden milker is a young doe who can produce milk without ever giving birth to kids. She has already joined the ranks of our regular milkers sometime ago. She is giving a couple of litres (you may understand 2 quarts better) of delicious creamy milk every day.

Several weeks ago, we were surprised to find the growing udder of our not-yet-4-months-old kid Rosabelle! She and her twin sister (now 5 1/2months old) are still not completely weaned by their mother, but Rosabelle is already giving us around 2-3 cups of milk each time we milk her. So we now have 2 maiden milkers in our herd.

All the does are eating like a horse and getting ready for the breeding season which could be only a couple of weeks away. The start of a doe’s 3-week heat cycle is dictated by the shorter days and longer nights, and we are watching all the does very closely these days so that we don’t miss the signs.


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