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Meanwhile in Oxford New Zealand, it’s Autumn (Fall) and its getting cold again.

Peter and Heidi look after goats for daily food

We look after goats for your daily soap!

Heidi book goat photo

Milk Relief Soap is made with Swiss goats that date their ancestry to the 1974 New Zealand Herd Register. Their ancestors arrived in New Zealand from England, but before that they came from Switzerland.

This beautiful illustration is from page 11 of the DK Classics book, “Heidi”.

Life on our farm is a little bit different to life on a Swiss mountainside, but it is remote up here, and we love it.

Just recently we’ve been dealing with one goat who is determined to climb up fences. Yes, up, not just jump. Climb up the sheep netting. The problem is that the netting becomes loose and then buckles, and then “Hey Presto” up she goes! Of course electrics would help. But for my own safety as much as theirs, I’d prefer not to use electrics if we can avoid it.

Even though electric fences don’t hurt animals, it can give human adults such a surprise if they touch it in the wrong part of the body, like the lower back, they jump anywhere from 3-5 yards in fright!

The idea behind fencing is that goats can eat too much green grass at once. So they are supposed to be kept back from too much. What we’ve found though is that feeding them a lot of dry matter in the morning, (hay, for example) can help curb their lush grass eating. But we still get rotund bellies, and as a general guideline, fat goats don’t have babies! No babies, no milk for your soap!

We need fences to protect our stuff! See how that goat in the middle of the illustration is sniffing Peter’s bag. She’d be after the nobbly bits, and then she’d try out the leather for any minerals it had. They don’t eat anything, but they do eat a lot of things we prefer they didn’t!

So that’s the farm update. We hope you enjoyed it. We also hope we can provide some more in the near future.

We wish you all the best wherever you, Autumn, or Spring.

Bye for from the Smith Family Soap Maker’s farm.

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