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Goat farm update May 2013

Victoria the little one

Victoria the little one

It’s Autumn – Fall here in New Zealand. We live in the Southern Hemisphere, up near some small mountains.
So we had ice on the ground this morning, and our goats have already been sent to the bucks for “marriage”. Without the “nanny” milking goats going to see the male “billy” goats most nannies will never produce any milk.

The female kid you see in the picture above has been hand reared on the milk from her fellow goats. She lives with her grandmother, but her mother lives on another farm. She is the smallest of the kids we have from her generation. We only have one smaller goat than her.

Because goats are herd animals, unless they stay with their mother in the herd continuously they quickly lose family connections in favour of their place in the herd. So although this goat, Victoria, is here with her Grandmother, they don’t usually spent much time together. She is therefore an orphan.

Victoria has been drinking from a bottle, with a rubber teat. Today she ate the teat! (Better a rubber teat than a nanny’s udder).

As you can see in the photo, Victoria is rather small. But that photo is not an up to date photo. For a photo from today, the last day of bottle fed herd milk, see below.

Milk Relief Soap™ Kid Photo May 2013

Milk Relief Soap™ Kid Photo May 2013

So that is the farm update for May 2013. We hope you like it, and feel free to share our page on Facebook, or email, or add a link to your blog, or Google+ if you have it.

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